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PLR Product Target Market/Demand Short Description
Concrete Confidence In highly profitable industries, you can almost bet your bottom that there will be masses of highly competitive entrepreneurs. Learn how to beat them with sheer confidence! This book is designed to equip you with one of the most important skills in life - the ability to act in spite of fear... for that is the essence of confidence. Once you have achieved mastery of self, you will be able to do whatever it takes to succeed in any industry.
Health And Magnetism Anyone who desires to break out of the rat race and live a life filled with time and financial freedom!. Today, people are working more and more for less and less. The best way to live your life is to live it free and without the stress of time pressure and financial constraints. This book will show you how to live free of these constraints and attract a healthy life of financial freedom!
Prosperous Living Anyone who wishes to discover more about themselves and get rich in the process! are spiritual beings experiencing a physical experience - not the other way around. Once you are in tune with your inner being, making money shouldn't be a problem at all. This book will teach you everything a true human being should know about abundant, prosperous living!
Kult Kingdom Tactics Internet Marketers who wish to build a list of subscribers who will buy anything they sell! This book contains secrets on how you can build your own army of loyal subscribers by keeping them happy. They will wait all day for you to email them and they will be more than happy to buy whatever you offer because of your 'cult' leader status!
Network Marketing Survival Any network marketer or home business builder who desires to build a large business on the Internet or in the offline world! Network marketing is getting more and more competitive as the days go by. The Internet has changed the way downlines are being built and teams come and go in the blink of an eye. This book is the latest in network marketing survival - the series that has changed the way network marketing is done.
Passion Driven Prosperity People who are truly passionate about what they are doing! Oprah, Tiger Woods, Donald Trump and Bill Gates are all people who live passionately doing what they like! It's time that you learn the art of turning your passion into something that you can use to truly make money!
Home Business Models Entrepreneurs who wish to build a solid income from the comfort of their own homes. Home businesses are the new 'IN' thing when it comes to being an entrepreneur. It entices people with their low startup costs and making money in their pajamas lifestyle. You will learn 3 of the best home business models available
Instant Cash Strategies Anyone who wishes to make fast cash. Even works for people who hate Internet marketing. With the many different established markets out there, money will always be there for the taking. The question is whether it will go into your pocket or not. In this book, you will learn the simple art of making quick cash even if you are brand spanking new in Internet marketing!
Outsource Anything Entrepreneurs who are short of time or are looking for the best ways to leverage on other people. Gone are the days of the 'one-man show'. If you really want to get things done, you must leverage on a team of people. This book will teach you how to find all the best people to build your business and your profits for you!
Traffic Tidal Wave Active Internet Marketers and Online Business builders who are looking for ways to get more traffic to their websites! Discover 3 unique methods to drive constant traffic to your website and create a huge tidal wave of subscribers and customers within a very short period of time! Perfect for the busy Internet entrepreneur!
Unleash The Financial Giant Within The target market is a no-brainer... anyone who wishes to strike gold and make big money! cash-raking strategies are everywhere! But why is it some people get rich easily and others struggle for years? It is because of the way your financial blueprint is wired. This book will show you how!
The Unstoppable Internet Entrepreneur Mindset Internet marketers who wish to build a long term business that stands the test of time. Internet Marketers are more than just fly by night individuals. Gone are the days of making that quick buck and running from one location to another under a 'pet' name. It's time to learn the art of building a long term business the right way!




A simple to use software tool designed to increase
sales and/or leads from ANY webpage by effectively
attracting people's attention through a Facebook
Look-A-Like chat window!

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You get the ChatPopBox software along with FULL Private Label Rights to this brand NEW unreleased software product!

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Instant Sales Page is a PHP script that allows you to generate and manage Professional Sales Pages you can quickly edit and publish on the fly.

EVERY Sales Page you create will turn out perfect! Forget about the HTML forever and simply write the content in an easy to use Text Editor. It works in any web browser!

The best way to write your own sales copy or paste in other copy. Edit the text with the WYSIWYG Text Editor and hit Save to Publish. The best part is that the changes you make are live immediately!

"Breakthrough and Instantly Create High-Quality Sales Pages for ALL Your Projects"

You literally only spend a few minutes pasting in your web site sales copy and then quickly format it using the built-in html editor, click publish and it's live! There is no need to setup anything complicated or be an expert at HTML coding!

Either secure or edit your content at anytime. Web page changes are super easy and you get to view your published edits immediately. There is absolutely no friction between you and the final result. Unlike most free CMS systems similar to Joomla.

Check out the WYSIWYG Text Editor screenshot below:
It has all the formatting tools you need without the useless functions you most likely will never learn how to use anyways!

The best part is ... the copy you format is shown exactly on the final website. So you don't need to be surprised by different themes or anything. You have COMPLETE control!

Absolutely no need for third party software such as Wordpress or Joomla. NO DATABASE Setup required! This is great news for all Newbies around the world, because you can drag and drop the files then your done!

Yes! That's right it really is that easy. Just drag and drop to your FTP then you can start writing your sales copy, change the theme, edit the SEO options and you're done, ready to for the online market.

Choose from 12 Professional Design styles that are changed with just one click of the mouse and your sales page is changed live immediately. No hassle, no stress just pure PHP magic!

All 12 theme styles have been professionally designed for marketing with Sales Pages. You can also (for the techie) edit the designs yourself as the themes are not encrypted but rather image files.

Changing your theme is literally point and click easy. Immediately your sales page is changed live without uploading anything or working with your FTP or HTML

Let's Take a Look at One of The Sales Page
Design That You Can Create

After selecting your theme design that you want for your sales page you will see a final sales page that looks like the below image. You can change everything you want about the design..

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As you can see the simplicity is the best part of the Sales Page PHP Script. With the super simple Dashboard for editing your pages and creating new pages such as Download, Thank You and other pages. It's all super simple.

This technology is not only limited to created Sales Pages but you can create super quick Download Pages or super quick landing pages for your affiliate or emailing campaigns. The uses are endless, because you can set it up in seconds!



Here's Exact Step By Step Instructions On How to
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