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The mobile marketing master and internet marketing expert, Adam Horwitz, has just released his latest product called "Mobile Monopoly", which basically shows you how to make money with Mobile Marketing very quickly!

How to get your FREE bonuses ...

If you purchase Adam's brand new Mobile Monopoly through my link given at the bottom of this page, I will personally give you the following bonuses ....

video 1:
The blueprint explained
video 2:
How to signup for Mobile Ad Networks
video 3:
How to signup for Mobile CPA networks
video 4:
How to research good CPA offers to promote
video 5:
How to view mobile CPA landing pages in various mobile devices
video 6:
How to create tile images and banners using free tools
video 7:
Step-by-step guide to listing a campaign in Admob
video 8:
Step-by-step guide to listing a campaign in Adfonic
video 9:
Step-by-step guide to listing a campaign in Mojiva
video 10:
How to optimize your campaigns for maximum profits



video 1:
The blueprint explained
video 2:
How to research your list building niche for high profits
video 3:
How to signup for Aweber and create a list for mobile marketing
video 4:
How to create an optimized mobile squeeze page using aweber
video 5:
How to signup for ListWire (free) and create a list for mobile marketing
video 6:
How to create an optimized mobile squeeze page for any autoresponder
video 7:
How to split-test your squeeze page for maximum optin rates
video 8:
How to create tile images for your mobile ads
video 9:
How to list your ad in Admob, Adfonic, and Mojiva
video 10:
Steps to optimizing your ads for higher conversion rates






This is the FASTEST way you can penetrate the hottest niche marketing online to build your lists through mobile marketing!

One of the easiest ways to make money online is to build targeted mailing lists. Not only can you reach out to an instant customer base once you have an active subscriber base, but you can maximize your income by sending out promotional based emails, newsletters and reports!

But one of the biggest obstacles that new marketers struggle with is in building opt-in pages so they can begin to collect targeted leads. They don't know how to design high quality graphics - how to write squeeze page copy and where to place their opt-in form on the template.

And then once you finally get a decent squeeze page up, you have to figure out what incentive offer to highlight on your squeeze page so that visitors are eager to sign up to your list!

But after today, you'll have everything you need to build a list - penetrate niche markets and make more money than you ever thought possible, because with this very limited offer, you'll have a FULL collection of red hot reports that you can give away or even sell for maximum profits!

This special package features 10 hot niche reports, and comes fully loaded with brand new squeeze page templates, killer graphics, confirmation pages and much more. Basically, everything you need to get up and running without having to hire expensive designers or freelancers!

You'll even get personal PLR rights - meaning that you can edit, customize and monetize the reports however you wish - under your own name!

This is the easiest way to build your own brand and promote your websites. Imagine just how much traffic you could generate if even ONE of these reports goes viral!

You can give these reports away to build a list, sell them to your customers, use them on websites and blogs to drive in more traffic - use the content to build marketing campaigns, eCourses, training lessons or power up your autoresponder with high quality content, on complete autopilot!

AND - you can monetize these reports with affiliate offers so that you are able to make even more money each time someone downloads the report from your site!

Here's a quick overview of each niche domination list profit package ...


Mass Muscle: Body Building

checkmark The #1 secret to building incredible muscle mass in just a few short weeks!
checkmark The most powerful weight training routines ever revealed that will maximize muscle gain!
checkmark How your nitrogen and protein balance affects your ability to build mass muscle (and how to make sure you're getting what you need!)
checkmark The truth about muscle building supplements and which ones REALLY work!

Diet Scams Revealed

blue checkmark Why you're struggling to lose weight with "faulty" weight loss programs and what REALLY works!
blue checkmark How to avoid sabataging your weight loss goals so you can stay on the fast track to getting that body you've always dreamed of!
blue checkmark The truth about "acai berry" and what it really means in your ability to shed the weight!
blue checkmark Find out whether "all meat" diets really work, and how you can develop a fail proof weight loss plan without restrictions!
blue checkmark The biggest misconception in the weight loss industry that is hindering your ability to stay on track (and what you can do about it!)

Family Budget Planning

checkmark How to set up a family financial plan that will help you save money and reduce overspending!
checkmark How to manage your family's finances with simple goal sheets! Strategic planning is critical in order for you to stay on track!
checkmark How to set up a 'system for success' and increase your savings, instantly!
checkmark Simple ways of saving up to $400 a month on household expenses!
checkmark How to set priorities to improve the quality of your family life and protect your future!

PC Security

checkmark Find out how to instantly secure your computer from macious programs and viruses!
checkmark How to prevent 'spy leaks' that allow people to penetrate and control your system even without you knowing about it!
checkmark The #1 exploit that hackers use to sneak into your system and how even entry level hackers can get in until you make one simple change!
checkmark The truth about commerical virus protection utilities and how you can set up a bulletproof security system using FREE programs that work even better!
checkmark How to eliminate dangerous parasites, hijackers and prevent identify theft in minutes!

Preventing Your Divorce

blue checkmark The #1 thing you MUST do in order to change their mind about you and give your marriage another chance!
blue checkmark The most powerful method of regaining their trust and love, regardless of the situation.
blue checkmark The SIMPLE strategy that will win them back and make them fall in love with you all over again!
blue checkmark How to find out what is REALLY going on behind the threat of a divorce! (it's not always what you think)..
blue checkmark How to put yourself back in control of your emotions and become a stronger, better person that they will WANT to be close to..
blue checkmark Simple strategies for putting the passion back into your relationship before it's too late..

The Art Of Seduction

checkmark How to use a simple pyschology "trick" to get girls to fall for you right on the spot!
checkmark Insider secrets to seducing the women of your dreams that will skyrocket your success!
checkmark The #1 thing you must do when approaching women to leave them begging for your number!
checkmark How exploiting the 'curiousity factor' will boost your success rate by up to 200%!
checkmark How to use the simple 'negging' strategy to break the ice with the hottest women you meet!

Simple Ways to Get Your Ex Back

blue checkmark How to improve yourself and recapture your ex's attention quickly and easily!
blue checkmark The fastest way to get back with your ex by using the "confidence factor"! (Page 10)
blue checkmark You never want to appear desperate when trying to win your ex back. Read page 11 for important information that you NEED to know in order to save you relationship!
blue checkmark Avoid the common mistake on page 12 if you really want to have your ex back in your arms quickly!

Top 10 Fat Loss Myths

checkmark 2 High Quality Reports, totaling over 20 pages!
"The Top 10 Fat Loss Myths"
checkmark Premium Squeeze Page Template with Copy! The "ready made" squeeze page is brand new and absolutely stunning!
checkmark Report Covers (in various sizes), including source files.
checkmark You'll receive both the DOC and PDF formats of the report for easy editing! Add your name and upload!
checkmark Private Label Rights To The Complete Package, so you can add your name to the report and sell it, give it away or monetize it with affiliate offers!


Emergency Panic Remedies

checkmark High Quality Report, 12 page report,
"Emergency Panic Remedies"
checkmark Premium Squeeze Page Template with Copy! The "ready made" squeeze page is brand new and absolutely stunning!
checkmark Report Covers (in various sizes), including source files.
checkmark You'll receive both the DOC and PDF formats of the report for easy editing! Add your name and upload!
checkmark Private Label Rights To The Complete Package, so you can add your name to the report and sell it, give it away or monetize it with affiliate offers!









This is a list of 500+ active/relevant (Internet Marketing/business opportunity) forums.

We had one of our partners build this for a month and we've used these over the past year for a lot of affiliate recruiting, buzz building, and viral pushes ... this list is invaluable to say the least!



Free Video Showing How I got 27,718 Visitors
at 1.4 cents each using The PPV Media
Traffic Network!

Secret MASSIVE Traffic Method I Recently Discovered ... how to get unique visitors at 1.4 cents per visitor!

I also show you the exact keywords that were making me money with a zip submit CPA offer! Basically, I sent traffic to a page that only asks for the web visitor's email address ... for every email address submitted into that form I made cash! Very easy stuff ...

This is NOT PPC ... this traffic method uses something called Pay-Per-View (PPV) and is an amazing way to leach off of other people's paid traffic ... 100% legal!

Try finding traffic at 1.4 cents per click using Google! YA RIGHT ... that would be nearly impossible for anyone!

(Value $297)



In bonus #10 ... you get the ENTIRE Exit Splash package which includes the backend upsell and a TON of amazing bonuses!

arrow Exit Splash Script, Viral Twitter Box Script, Suggest Box Script
arrow Exit Page Templates, Optin Form Video, Discount Payment Button Video
arrow Discount Payment Button Toolkit
arrow How to Poll Video, Impact Audio Video
arrow Web Traffic Video Series, HTML for Beginners Video Series
arrow And a lot more ...


I am including one of the most valuable bonuses I could ever possibly give you as part of this package:  a real, one-on-one email-based consultation with Adam Horwitz.

The fact of the matter is this - no matter how complete any program or package is, it’s still very likely that after going through the information you’ll have several questions that are highly specific and unique to you as an individual.  If you’ve bought any book or product before, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

That said, buy a book in the bookstore and your chances of getting those questions answered by the actual author are about as close to zero as it gets.

Not here.

With this extremely valuable add-on, not only will you get all of your questions answered, but you’ll get them answered directly by Adam Horwitz (not by “some guy” on my staff or my assistant).

Here is how it works:  once you’ve had the chance to go through all the information, simply send him an email with any pending questions you may have via the special instructions that are in the members area, and within 24-48 hours you will have detailed answers waiting for you in your inbox.  And, if it takes another quick email or two to make sure we have you all set up for success, they'll make sure to take care of you.

Because Adam's general consulting fees start at $247/hour (and because it is impossible for him to respond to the hundreds of emails he receive daily otherwise), this bonus alone is worth more than they are charging for the ENTIRE Mobile Monopoly course!

($300 Value)



A 100% Content Webinar For Your Buyers where they walk you through setting
up a successful mobile campaign in OfferMobi and much more!

($250 Value)



The guys over at Mobile Monopoly are still negotiating
a deal with Admob ... they will notify you as soon as it’s
approved or not. And worth the wait!




Here is another quick overview of the 15 exclusive
bonuses you will get when you order the new
"Mobile Monopoly" product through this page ...

Again, Here's What You'll Receive ...
CPA Mobile Marketing Blueprint $300
Mobile Marketing List Building Blueprint $300
Video on how to squeeze more profit from your mobile ad campaign using a free tracking service $50
Video on how to create a mobile website with wordpress $50
10 Niche Domination List Profit Packages with PLR $200
5 Article Packages for Amazon Top 5 Bestsellers $150
Three 100% Unique Article Packages $100
My Personal Master Forum List $150
Free Video Showing How I got 27,718 Visitors @ 1.4 cents! $297
Exit Splash Total Package $754
1 on 1 Email Consultation with Adam Horwitz $300
A 100% Content Webinar For Your Buyers $250
A Full Blown Course On Email Marketing To show you how to further monetize your mobile leads $50
Possible $100 Voucher for Admob (Not Finalized Yet) $100
Total Value Today




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The Mobile Monopoly System


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